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January 2008



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Jan. 5th, 2008


[Hexed to Order]


I seem to have switched places with Sirius. Alone in 12GP. Drinking. (Okay, not much, but a bit.) In hiding. 

Of course, I don't know if the Ministry is suspecting me of betrayal of any sort or not, but if they know what's good for them, they'll be cautious. I'm not going to let them try to take Remus down. I'll find who's tracking him, and then.. then.. well, I don't know. Yet.

Hm. Maybe I should ask Arthur or Kingsley if they've heard anything about me since.. I was fired.

I told Remus we shouldn't see each other unless we absolutely had to anymore.. and it hurts. I love him. I need to see him. But I need to not see him. I can't see him and be alone with him and... it just hurts too much. I need a break. Maybe.. maybe I'll get over him.. maybe.. I'll find someone, and..

Bullshit, Tonks. Bull fucking shit. You're hopelessly in love. Now shut up and drink the rest of that beer.



Christmas is coming up fast, huh?

I'll see you all at the Weasley's! I'll bring cookies.

((Drawing of a smiley face wearing a santa hat))

Aug. 15th, 2007



[Hexed from non-order members.]

I think I'm figuring something out. Hints, whispers of something being plotted this year. But I'm not sure what. I have little hints. The majority of my time is just spent pretending I love Mr. you-know-who, in almost a homosexual manner. Yes. My main disguise is that of a male. There aren't many females in this business that are outside of my own family. Better to be safe.

Every once and a while I change into a muggle, or a generic female wizard, to hear gossip and such. Not much there. Same old rumors of Dumbledore and Harry and Youknowwho. I even heard your name the other day, Sirus. Won't tell you in what context, though. ;]

Of course. Working most days at the Ministry, keeping up with my Order activities, and also monitering Hogwarts... it's been a handful. I don't sleep much. It's tiring. Some days are easier than others to disguise myself. Some days I fail completely and just stay at home.

Poor Harry. He got himself into a bit of trouble on the train. Boys will fight, and Slytherins and Gryffindors will hate each other, and violence does ensue... I just hope he doesn't get caught by the wrong person under that cloak... and I hope his curiosity doesn't outweigh his sensibility.

Looks like there's been another Muggle attack downtown. Arthur's on his way to go unanimate inanimate objects and such. Just passed my desk looking as tired as ever. But he still smiles, doesn't he?


[Private to Snape]

If you mention my Patronus to anyone, I'll knock your bloody teeth out. I mean it.

[/Private to Snape]

Jul. 22nd, 2007


(no subject)

Fuckin' nausea. I feel pretty gross.
I leave for Hogwarts soon.

It takes so much effort to try to change my appearance.. I just have no motivation, nothing. I hope I can still be useful to the Order..

Damn it all.

Jul. 17th, 2007



Wotcher. Terrible news lately, huh? Well, some of you will be pleased to know, for Harry's safety it looks as though I'm going to be a new resident at Hogwarts. At first I thought I wasn't going to see any action at the school, it bein' Hogwarts and all... but these days, who knows? Seems odd that I want to get in on the fighting, doesn't it? I think the training would be going to waste if I didn't knock out some Death Eaters.

No use moping about all the badness as of late though, I think. Who wants to join me for a drink? Sirius, Remus? Hell, even Molly! Invite the kids. Everyone could use a happy time. Let's have a shindig before I'm stationed up at Hogwarts and can't have much fun.

What do ya say?